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Kinetic Type

In this Apple Motion video tutorial, Stephen Smith shows you how to get your text noticed. This tutorial shows you the ins and outs of kinetic typography, otherwise known as moving text. Plus, Stephen will take you beyond just learning how to use Motion and show you key text characteristics. Click here to see the [...]

Colorful Flourish Motion 4 Template

If you are looking for a great intro to your next video, check out the full HD Colorful Flourish Apple Motion template. This high-end project is compatible with Final Cut Studio 3. Its strong graphic design will get your project noticed by your client. Type – Apple Motion 4 Template Resolution – 1920 x 1080 [...]

Color Correction

Although most people don’t think of Motion when they think of Color Correction or Color Grading. Motion can be a handy tool to pulling off some effects such as a day for night look. Take a look at this Color Correction reel done by Lone Peak Productions. All of the “night” footage was created in [...]

Brand New Motion Templates

Say hello to our first Motion Templates to be released by Moving with Motion. These templates are compatible with Apple Motion 3 and 4 or just Motion 4 and are 1080i HD. Each template was created by me Stephen Smith and will provide you with the best design to get your project noticed. Colorful Flourish [...]

Medical Motion Graphics

Lone Peak Productions created a project for Advanced MD. This video has a person on screen with supplemental motion graphics. These graphics where animated in Motion and showcase Motion’s ability. To see for your self check out the video below.

Motion Typography sample

This kinetic typography project was created in Motion. Motion’s real time capabilities made it easy and fun to experiment with different text animations and the results speak for themselves. This open was created for a project for the Catholic Community Services of Utah. The up-beat open uses type to help inspire viewers to help make a [...]

Motion in Broadcast Action

Lone Peak Productions and Salt Lake Studios put together a TV commercial in English and Spanish for the Utah Multi-Cultural Business Expo. Because this was the first year this expo is being held, there is no footage of the event. The lack of resources led to an inventive way of building the spot. Lone Peak [...]

Motion’s Motion Tracking in the Real World

PPBH Advertising and Lone Peak Productions worked together to create a spot for a new telephone. At the time of the shooting, the screen that would typically appear on the new specialized Relay Utah telephone, had yet to be released. Lone Peak was tasked to insert the new screen on the telephone as it was [...]

Moving with Motion Commercial

The Moving with Motion commercial was created with Apple’s Motion. I felt that that was important considering the spot showcases why you would want to learn Motion. In addition to that, no plug-ins where used either. Everything built is from Motion “straight out of the box.” I felt the spot had to have a big [...]

Motion in the real world

Lone Peak Productions created a stunning show open and graphics package for the new High Definition (HD) television show, 1000cc Raw Thrill. The show opens with great sportbike footage, killer graphics and high-energy music that grabs the viewer’s attention.  It has a cutting edge look and feel with all sorts of gauges and high impact [...]